Freedive: One Breath – A Reflection On Freediving.

One Breath is a stunning book written by Emma Farrell, with photographs by Frederic Buyle, and provides amazing insight into one of the worlds most extreme yet accessible sports – Freediving.

One Breath is an extraordinary journey into the heart of the sport of freediving which, once embraced, can become a way of life.

This unforgettable book follows Emma Farrell into competition free diving, through success and heartbreak, and finally on to becoming a world class teacher of the sport.

With a foreword by Tim Ecott, One Breath is a modern classic which grips from the start with a mix of memoir, history and philosophy.

Taking you through the techniques and physiology of freediving, this book reveals how the art of ‘true breathing’ can alter your world.

Captivating, beautifully written and packed with breathtaking photographs, this is the perfect book for anyone who loves the underwater world.

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